Saturday, April 12, 2014

Newsletter for April 2014

Meetings 3rd Thursday of each month
*The Meeting for April and AGM will be held on 17th April 2014 at 2.00pm at East Malling Village Hall 
There will not be a Speaker at this meeting

Fun Quiz, Saturday 26th April 7.00 for 7.30pm
*This event will now be held  at East Malling Village Hall Cost £8.00 per Member (including supper) Bring your own drinks
Contact :- Brian Collin (01622 791347

Luncheon Club - There will be no organised luncheon for May
Contact: Eileen Read (01732 841601) or Audrey Reading (01732 843918)

Holiday - St. Kilda Hotel, Llandudno, North Wales Monday 12th- Friday 16th. May. Half board
Cost £305 per Member.(+£11.00 Cancellation Insurance--if required)
Coach will leave Tower View at 9.00am
Contact:- Mo Bussell (01732 840010)

Broadstairs and Lunch at Thanet Catering College, Tuesday 20th May
Cost £25.00 per Member (inc. coach and 3 course lunch)
Coach will leave Tower View at 9.15am
Contact- Joan Barrett (01622 812595)

Little Venice Canal Cruise and Camden Market, Tuesday 17th June
Cost £21.00 per Member (inc. coach and Canal Cruise)
Coach will leave Tower View at 9am
Contact:- Alan Hill (01622 813205)

Trip to Greenwich including Thames Cable Car, Cutty Sark, Wednesday 16th July
Cost approx £15.00 Per Member (coach only)
Coach will leave Tower View at 9am,  Thames cable car, Cutty Sark and Lunch, optional extras
Contact:- Roy Williams (01732 847795)

Visit to Waddesdon Manor, Thursday 14th August
Cost £28.00 per Member (£15.00 for NT members)Note! NT Members must ensure they have their membership cards with them on the day.
Contact:- Dick Tolman (01732 873131)

Day Trip to Boulogne, Tuesday 16th September
Cost approximately £35.00 per member
Coach will leave Tower View at 7.30am
Contact:- Joan Barrett (01622 812595)

Thursford Christmas Spectacular, Tuesday 11th to 12th November (one night)
Cost £150.00 per Member (including coach, half board and entrance)
Contact:- Joan Barrett (01622 812595)

Regular Activities
10 Pin Bowling 1st Thursday of each month at the Hollywood Bowl (Medway Valley Leisure Park) at 10am
Contact :- Alan Hill (01622 813205)

Walk and Pub Lunch 4th Thursday of each month
The walk for 24th April will be from The Castle Lake, Leybourne
We meet at 10am for a 10.30 start
Contact :-  Mike Chapman (01732 841078)

Keep Fit (Unisex) each Wednesday at the Centre from 9.30 am until 10.30 am.
Cost £3.50 per session.
*The Keep Fit for 16th & 30th April will be held in the Sports Hall, Kings Hill  
There will be no Keep Fit on 23rd April
Contact :- Jill Joselin 01732 875526

Art Groups with help and advice for newcomers each Monday and Friday
Cost £3.00 per session
*Art Groups will meet in the Youth Hall or the Sports Hall at the revised times until further notice 
There will be no Art Class for 18th & 21st April
Contact:- Eileen Read (01732 841601) or Shirley Debona (01622 763740)

Short Mat Bowling with help and advice for newcomers each Monday and Wednesday at the Centre from 2.00 pm until 4.30 pm.
Cost £4.00 per session
*There will be no Bowls during April
Contact:- Alan Hill (01622 813205) or Mo Bussell (01732 840010)

The new membership list is now open. See Joan Barrett for details

Payment Due Schedule
Please bring your cheque book with you
Payment Due
Fun Quiz
Brian Collin
Thanet Catering College
Joan Barrett
Little Venice Canal Cruise
Ron Reading
Trip to Greenwich
Roy Williams

*Changes to "in house" events are due to work being carried out on floor coverings in the main halls

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