Thursday, January 14, 2016

Newsletter for January 2016

Meetings 3rd Thursday of each month at the Kings Hill Community Centre - 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Next meeting - 21st January 2016

Speaker: Alan Coxen – “A Policeman’s lot can be a happy lot

Kinara Times January 2016 now available - click here or go to KinARA Times Online tab.

Elvis Musical Evening 16th January 7:00 for 7:30pm
Cost £8 per Member Bring your own food & drinks
Contact:- Mo Bussell (01732 840010)

Professional Opera Singer with String Quartet Singing a selection from famous Operas
Friday 18th March - Bring your own food & drinks 7:00 for 7:30pm
Approx. Cost £10 per Member.
Contact:- Dick Tolman (01732 873131)

Spring Dinner Dance Hadlow Manor Friday April 15th
Approx Cost £35 per member
Contact:- Joan Barrett (01622 812595)
A Similar Occasion to the Christmas Lunch but with Music & Dancing

Holiday in Bournemouth - Elstead Hotel 5 Nights 6 Days - Sunday 8th May to Friday 13th
Approx Cost £290 per Member (6 Single rooms available @ no extra cost)
Contact:- Michael Gladden (01732 529547)
A £20 deposit is required at the January Meeting

Regular Activities
10 Pin Bowling 1st Thursday of each month at the Hollywood Bowl (Medway Valley Leisure Park) at 10am
Contact :- Alan Hill (01622 813205)

Walk and Pub Lunch 4th Thursday of each month
No walk this month
Contact Mike Chapman 01732 841078

Keep Fit (Unisex) - All Members Welcome each Wednesday at the Centre from 9.30am. until 10.30 am. Cost £4.00 per session.
Contact Jill Joslin 01732 875526
No Keep Fit 3rd February next Session Wednesday 10th March

Art Groups including Crafts with help and advice for newcomers at the Centre, Mondays from 2.00pm until 4.00pm and Fridays from 10am until 12.00am.
Cost £3.00 per session.
Contact:- Eileen Read (01732 841601) or Shirley Debona (01622 763740)

Short Mat Bowling with help and advice for newcomers at the Centre, Monday and Wednesday from 2.00 pm until 4.30 pm.
Cost £4.00 per session---£2.00 per half session.
Contact:- Alan Hill (01622 813205) Monday or Dick Tolman (01732 873131) Wednesday

The Membership Waiting list is NOW OPEN. If you know anyone who is interested in KINARA Membership please see Joan Barrett for details.

Payment Due Schedule
Payment Due
Holiday Deposit
Ron Reading
Opera Night
Dick Tolman
First Holiday Payment
Ron Reading
Final Holiday Payment
Ron Reading
Please bring your cheque book with you!!

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