Saturday, April 18, 2020

April 2020 virtual get together


Dealing with this dreadful situation is difficult in so many ways and I hope you are all managing on a day to day basis. 
Going for a walk feels like the highlight of each day but it is strange to see people deliberately avoiding each other! If you are not able to go walking then a little light exercise each day helps to keep the joints moving – and relieves the boredom! 
I hope nobody is feeling isolated- there is plenty of help out there for us Oldies and communication with other Kinara members is always available. 
As ever, we will get through this and I look forward to seeing you all at the next Kinara meeting- whenever that may be! 
From Ann and me, have a Happy and Peaceful Easter weekend and make the most of the sunshine while it lasts. Keep Well and Keep Smiling! 


Just a short video of Kings Hill residents (also Kinara Members) showing how you can exercise during the shutdown.

By kind permission of Andy Earl and his partner June.


Isolation Isolation Isolation
Isolation has shocked the nation
You MUST stay in - you MUST NOT go out
I’ll climb up the wall I scream and shout
Boris went out and look what happened to him
On reflection I think I had better stay in
I’ll clean the house – that’s what I’ll do
Keep busy and active then I won’t get blue
Sit watching tele – a chocie or biscuit
Feeling guilty calories galore – think I’ll risk it
Green Goddess appears looking straight and trim
She is my age and moves like a feather
If I try too hard I’ll leave on a stretcher

The silence is broken I hear the phone
It’s family or friends – I am not alone
So nice to hear a familiar voice
Without technology – some have no choice

So stick to the rules and keep on smiling
I’ts Easter now and the sun is shining.
Big Easter Egg arrives outside the door
Hopefully soon we’ll be together once more

Well I Never 

I didn’t know the couple who lived at number four
Even though they must have lived there fifteen years or more
So imagine my surprise when they knocked upon my door
Well I never!

Apparently their names are Jenifer and Jim
They stood at least six feet away
I couldn’t let them in
They left it on the doorstep biscuits in a tin
Well I never!

I’ve also heard from neighbours who live at number three
I’ve passed them in the road but they never speak to me
Now I have their mobile number and some milk and bread and tea
Well I never!
I am really happy to live at number nine
Sitting in my garden with a nice cold glass of wine
Lovely people living near me making sure I’m feeling fine
Well I never!
Dear Member

I’ve been reading in the newspapers and hearing on the TV news how some people are finding the lockdown is putting relationships under a strain and being continually close to love ones is becoming fraught. I would like to share how Sue & I have overcome this with being cheery. We are fortunate in having a reasonable size garden so I tend to potter around in the garden or in my man cave whilst Sue does the washing, ironing, cooking, baking and cleaning. Recently after I had watered the garden I inadvertently walked wet muddy boots through the hall and into the lounge, but as quick as you like I diffused the situation with a cheery ‘Don’t worry love it will give you something to do tomorrow’, and she gave me a little smile. My cheery comment obviously worked as a few days later she asked to do some digging for me. The next morning I gave her a spade and went and watched a DVD. She was obviously enjoying herself as she didn’t come for lunch so I had to make it myself. Anyway when she did finish about 3 o’clock we went out to see what she had achieved.  Well you know me I don’t like to criticize but I did point out that a large rectangular hole that deep is not very practical, what do you hope to plant in it? She gave me a little smile and said ‘It’s a surprise.  Well I like surprises so when I find out I’ll let you know.

In the meantime keep cheery and stay safe.

Roger Chapple